Beltana John Flynn Centenary Celebrations

The John Flynn Centenary on the 6th and 7th of October were a great success. A special thanks to all the organizers. We were given great country hospitality. We stayed at the Beltana Homestead in our camper van and had full use of their great facilities. A selection of photos below.

Pre orders now online

The book can be purchased online or by downloading an order form from the PIM website.
Net proceeds from the sales of the book will go to furthering the work of the PIM.
The official release will be at the:
‘National Celebration of 100 Years of Inland Mission’
The Scots’ Church, Melbourne VIC Saturday 22 September 2012
So the book will not be available for shipping until after that date.

I would suggest pre ordering the book as there only 1000 copies are being printed
The books are hand numbered 1-1000, I believe 1-10 will be auctioned.
If you pre order put a note on the order requesting a specific number with some prefered options for other numbers.


Files with the publisher

At last all the files for ‘Views Beyond the Furthest Fence’ are with the publisher, Vivid Publishing. It has been a massive job, I had no idea how hard the proof reading would be. We had a number of proof readers and also used the services of a professional proof reader. The publisher told me that is is quite normal to have about six proof readers and each will find different errors. Now we wait on the proof book and sample high quality proof pages for the final check and if all OK off to the printer. Please pray that all goes to plan and the book will be ready for it’s release at the PIM Centenary Thanksgiving Service to be held at Scots Presbyterian Church on September 22nd this year. Thanks to everyone that has helped with this project, especially my son Wade, his graphic skills has greatly enhanced this publication.

Help in verifying vehicles

I think we have the info on these vehicles correct, but would like some car enthusiasts verify the make and dates.
Some have been modified somewhat making precise identification a bit harder.

Mackersey Regional Ministries, Tasmania

As time was running out we needed more photos of the PIM Padres, after the blistering summer heat of Beltana, Glenys said no more summer trips to the Australian outback. The only option, Tasmania, Mackersey Regional Ministries with Ian and Michelene Tyson. Visited quit a bit of their patrol area and then had a weeks holiday in the western wilderness area.

Help identifying the aircraft

After some help identifying the aircraft pictured below. Please email me if you can identify the type of aircraft or any other relevant information. Any help appreciated.

Visit to outback Queensland and New South Wales

A recent trip to outback Queensland and New South Wales to gather information and photographs for our coffee table photography book celebrating the 100 year centenary of John Flynn’s Australian Inland Mission (Now the Presbyterian Inland Mission). Traveled over 4000 kilometers, about 1000 on dirt roads. The trip gave me a great insight into the work of the Presbyterian Inland Mission.

Beltana Photographs

Over the Christmas break we visited Beltana in outback SA. It was a very interesting trip, we felt very much alone traveling as at that time of year there is very few visitors to that area due to the extreme heat. At one stage when I stopped to photograph Puttapa Gap I became bogged in the sand in the middle of the road, it would not have been so easy to get out if I was in a 2 wheel drive vehicle. We traveled with one of the older camper trailers used by PIM padres. This gave us some affinity to their work with both the isolation and trying to sleep in 40 degree heat inside a hot camper. We meet a number of interesting people and saw first hand the spiritual needs of these isolated people. If you hold your mouse over the above photographs you will be able to read a little of the history.