Mackersey Regional Ministries, Tasmania

As time was running out we needed more photos of the PIM Padres, after the blistering summer heat of Beltana, Glenys said no more summer trips to the Australian outback. The only option, Tasmania, Mackersey Regional Ministries with Ian and Michelene Tyson. Visited quit a bit of their patrol area and then had a weeks holiday in the western wilderness area.

Visit to outback Queensland and New South Wales

A recent trip to outback Queensland and New South Wales to gather information and photographs for our coffee table photography book celebrating the 100 year centenary of John Flynn’s Australian Inland Mission (Now the Presbyterian Inland Mission). Traveled over 4000 kilometers, about 1000 on dirt roads. The trip gave me a great insight into the work of the Presbyterian Inland Mission.

Visited John Flynn’s birth place

We visited Moliagul on the weekend. I will post some of the photos when I have time to process them. We stayed at the Evans Hotel in Bealiba, about 10 minutes from Moliagul. It was the first time Glenys my wife, and myself have stayed in a Hotel. The hotel was built in 1856 but has been well maintained and was very clean. There was a birthday party on for one of the locals so the hotel was almost empty and we were their only guests for the night. We had a very good meal and was well looked after by Bob and the staff. We were asked to attend the local church service at 8 am, so I got up at 5:30 am, left Glenys in bed and took some more photographs in Moliagul. I returned at 7:30 am and after a quick breakfast attended a very enjoyable service at Bealiba’s small Anglican Church. I met up with a local historian and a retired photographer, both offered their help with the PIM photobook. I look forward to getting some photographs of John Flynn as a child.