Help identifying the aircraft

After some help identifying the aircraft pictured below. Please email me if you can identify the type of aircraft or any other relevant information. Any help appreciated.

Visit to outback Queensland and New South Wales

A recent trip to outback Queensland and New South Wales to gather information and photographs for our coffee table photography book celebrating the 100 year centenary of John Flynn’s Australian Inland Mission (Now the Presbyterian Inland Mission). Traveled over 4000 kilometers, about 1000 on dirt roads. The trip gave me a great insight into the work of the Presbyterian Inland Mission.

First Photos from the National Library of Australia

We have just received our first order of photographs from the National Library. The raw images are in the above slide show. I hope to enhance them to their original glory. The resolution is a bit lower than what I would have liked so we will have to change the style and or the layout of the book a bit to compensate. I won’t know until I actually print out some proofs. I think I am being a bit spoilt by the 21 megapixel images from my Canon 5D mkII.
I have planed to go out on patrol with Rudi Schwartz toward the end of the month and will post some new photos of that trip when I return.